Earth Trust

The Earth Trust was originally set up as the Northmoor Trust for Countryside Conservation in 1967. In 2009 they embarked on a new name which encapsulated what they stood for and decided upon The Earth Trust. Their new brand mark conveys energy, growth, vitality and colour – a bright future and they needed a new website which encompassed all of these things.

The brief

The Earth Trust needed a site which would act as a showcase for their fresh and contemporary new branding. The site needed enhanced functionality for their visitors and to quickly establish a local and regionally relevant presence. There was a lot of information which needed to be contained within the website and structured in a simple and accessible way. The design had to be visually engaging to audiences with the aim of encouraging them to take action and become involved.

They needed a robust CMS which they could use to update content in-house quickly and easily including the ability to add pages and alter the layout of text and images on a page. The CMS needed to also allow information from users, i.e. email addresses, to be collected, stored and exported

As Earth Trust is a charity, it was vital that their site allowed users to join online, book events and donate through their website. They also needed an area where they could sell unique gifts designed to encourage further support.

The Trust planned to launch their new look soon so the site needed to be planned, designed and built quickly.

The solution

We delivered a vibrant and engaging design that took into account the large amount of information that Earth Trust needed to include in the website.

Due to the high level of functionality and control needed, we recommended Sitefinity as the CMS most suitable for their requirements. Sitefinity allows users to create and edit pages, adding text and images easily and quickly. Many of the features which they needed were already included within this CMS and we were able to develop more bespoke modules as add ons.

For their events area we made sure that that these included specially designed icons which to specify which activities were family friendly, skills courses or other such categories. Visitors are able to filter the events by category and date to allow ease of use.

Everything we built was easily integrated with the new brand identity so that browsers can move seamlessly from one section to another with no change to the look-and-feel of the website.

Technical notes

The site was built in Sitefinity CMS, using C# and SQL Server 2008 R2. The award-winning Sitefinity allows administrators to have complete control over how pages look and feel.

Alberon also built several custom modules which were easily integrated within the Sitefinity system.

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