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Why WordPress?   1. Ease of use The editing is done via web-browser, so there is no need to install any special software. It’s simple to create pages, edit copy and insert images. WordPress provides a great, cost-effective experience. 2. Large community and plugin ecosystem Out of the box, WordPress does not do everything. So, we install the right combination of plugins to add the desired functionality. There are thousands of free plugins available, plus many low-cost commercial ones, so most sites require little or no custom coding, keeping costs down. It is the world’s most popular CMS, over 30%…


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Symm is one of the UK’s premier building companies whose building and decorating history stretches back 200 years. The company was founded in Oxford by Daniel Evans in 1815 and has since constructed and restored many of England’s greatest houses and institutions. They wanted to refresh the look and feel of their website and provide the best possible impression of Symm for visitors…

Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre


OCTC is a specialist agency within Oxford Health NHS Trust that provides computer based training and services. They needed a new website to showcase the events, workshops and publications they have to offer…

Gaught Conlon


Gaught Conlon is an independent consultancy advising organisations working in developing countries. They needed their existing HTML website converting to a high quality Content Management System (CMS)…

Strategic Mentors


Strategic Mentors provide programmes and tools to help SME owners & managers design a successful business. They wanted a website to perform a central role in their marketing strategy…