7 egg-cellent reasons social media can bring your organisation out of its shell

We all want to drive as much traffic as possible towards our websites. We all want new leads. That’s why we make sure our SEO is well-honed, new blogs are relevant and have monthly budgets for PPC advertising. But what else can we do?

Social Media can be the next step to driving more traffic to your website. Better yet, it is free. Here is our list of why your business should be using the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

1. Dominate the Google real-estate

If you are anything like me, you probably Google your business several times a week. Among ads, organic results and business listings will usually be one of your social media pages.

This is positive for anyone else who may be Googling you. Not only does it raise the chances of someone clicking on one of your pages, but more listings should build more trust with the Google searcher.

Your social media plan should fall in line with your general marketing communications plan. It offers another platform to install keywords which will help potential clients find you. Using more keywords throughout your social media and linking this to your website will aid your SEO.

2. Audience targeting

Social media allows you to target whoever you’d like. Paid campaigns especially make this easy, as you can target specific demographics: age groups; locations; interests and more. Otherwise, it is a good idea to connect and follow with those who are most appropriate so they can see your content.

It isn’t just the picking and choosing of what marketing content you want specific sectors to see. It is an opportunity to interact with people and humanise your business. Social media is in real time, you can effectively answer questions and solve problems as well as discover the latest trends in your sector.

3. Keeping leads warm for longer

Usually, you will have newsletters to do this. But often they will only be posted once a month or so. Even then, connecting with someone on LinkedIn after meeting them at a conference is easier than getting them signed up to your newsletter.

Twitter especially, where you can post multiple times a day and engage in conversation with clients, allows you to maintain contact with news, blogs and other interesting content, daily.

This can keep your organisation fresh in their mind all year round, meaning repeat work or signing onto your yearly services may be more likely. They may even find out about other products or services you may have and with the correct links included, find these on your website.

This can also help you stay in contact with leads, helping them stay warmer for longer. In days gone by, it has been easy to let people slip as you come back into the office, but now you can stay in direct contact without talking to them straight away.

4. Develop credibility and loyalty

If I am trying to find out about a new product or service, I don’t just look at a company’s reviews. Not just their website. I will also check their social media to ensure I have a full picture of their business and reputation. This can work for you too. Being able to see the more personable side of a business and finding recent reviews may be the deciding factor of whether they take up your services.

Paying attention to what your customers are saying can help you become more credible too. By analysing how your customers behave you can develop your management and customer service around them, such as finding new keywords that may be trending.

5. Reaching pools you otherwise might not have reached

LinkedIn has the potential to over-turn rocks that you may otherwise have never even seen. It is called the World Wide Web for a reason. Even if the nature of your business isn’t global, you can find clients, suppliers and other handy influencers that may be able to benefit your business, from the comfort of your Twitter homepage.

If you need a hand setting up your social media accounts and integrating them with your website, please get in touch.

6. Competitor analysis

It is safe to say that the majority of organisations are now on social media. In an attempt to humanise their businesses, build relationships and credibility, they perhaps disclose information that competitors might find useful. It is a quick and effective way to stay up to speed with your sectors latest trends, influencers and technology. You can see the exact voice and frequency of your SERP neighbours’ tweets, blogs and other handy information that you can use to formulate strategy and a social media plan.

For the eagle-eyed marketers out there, you can also find what their customers are saying. You can use their feedback to help improve your business or identify gaps in the market to offer improved or adjusted services.

7. Quick and cost-effective – no need to invest

Social media is free to use, so why wouldn’t you. The more time invested in it, the more useful it will be to you. However, some businesses don’t have the time to be able to use social media and if not used properly, it could just be a waste of your time. But if you’re able to use marketing collateral, engage with clients and research the market, it’s a no brainer.

To make the most of it, play to your strengths. Your business might create great visual content, so use it! Images dominate social media and are far more likely to receive a click, so Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram may be handy for you.

Social media plan and integration

The simplest way to get started is to create a social media plan. This can detail a number of things to help you grow your social media presence and there are many blogs to help you compile one. Remember, it may only take one tweet to get your brand to go viral!

There are tools out there to help assist you too. Audiense.com is an analysis tool that can help you keep tabs on the demographics of your audience, as well as document your growth. There are others to be discovered that might assist too, it is just a matter of finding what works for you.

How can we help?

If you would like help optimising your social media pages and integrating them with your website, please get in touch, a member of the team will be happy to help!

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