Booming sales for ecommerce websites

Ecommerce has transformed the way we do business, and especially retail. Now you can buy just about anything over the internet, whether you are looking for the mundane or the exotic and rare. They are all equally accessible via your trusty internet connection. Not only does it mean that you can source from anywhere in the world, it means that your business also has a shop window anywhere in the world.

Growth, growth, growth

It is one of the most important aspects of the modern internet and enables a thriving international digital economy. Ecommerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe. The UK tops the table of eight European countries (over Germany, France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland and the rest of Europe in that order) for internet retail sales with a whopping £52.25 billion sales expected in 2015, with 16.2% growth this year alone [i].

Ecommerce works across sectors from goods to services like food, cars, holidays, house cleaning, events ticketing, and access to information, for example The Times online is now only available on paid subscription.  A quick search identified the weirdest things on sale being a soul, a cornflake that looks like the state of Illinois (it sold for $1350 in 2008, since you were asking!) and a statue of an obese Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whatever you need to sell, Alberon will make ecommerce work for you.

Ecommerce at Alberon

We have used a variety of different ecommerce solutions at Alberon:

  • WooCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • osCommerce
  • Magento
  • VirtueMart
  • ViArt
  • Drupal Commerce
  • Shopify

We’ve used these in all sorts of different ways – from small shops with a few products to large businesses selling tickets to events and products in multiple categories, some of which you might not initially consider ecommerce websites. For example: the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre needed a secure ecommerce system to allow products like books, courses and online training materials to be sold. This included a shopping cart and a private client account area. Likewise, the International Association of Hydrogeologists integrated ecommerce for payments from members for events and services.

The Move2You property buyer’s website allows people to see what demand their is for houses in their area before putting their house on the market, and integrates paypal for payments. Little Bou and Chaos Jewellery  are typical retail ecommerce websites and My Mouse Mat integrated software to enable customers to upload their own photographs. Whatever and however you need an ecommerce solution for your website, we can guarantee to integrate it seamlessly into your website and ensure a responsive result. It is essential that your customers can purchase at any time of the day or night using whatever device they are using at the time, whether mobile, tablet, laptop or PC.

Let us show you how we can adapt and integrate an ecommerce system for your website. Get in touch to find out more or call 01865 794009.

about Alberon

We have been designing and building bespoke websites for organisations in Oxford for over 12 years. Our friendly, highly experienced team of web designers and developers are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the outcomes they want.  Get in touch today!


[i] Source: Centre for Retail Research

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