Helping the wider community – Alberon’s involvement with the science, health and technology sector

Alberon has been lucky enough to operate throughout Oxfordshire for over 15 years. Oxfordshire includes the ‘science belt’ which is home to some of the most prestigious research centres in the world. One of these includes the complex based in Harwell – it is an established and growing complex which caters for hundreds of organisations.

Much of the research is internationally recognised and continues to have game-changing effects, globally. If you want to find out more about Alberon and how they could help you innovate your business, you can contact us here.

Who has Alberon worked with?

It is a hub of fantastic science research and other technological advances. So far, we have helped:

  • The Research Complex at Harwell (RCaH): RCaH’s vision was to create a website and application system. They wanted to more effectively manage the collaboration and booking of research scientists, globally, into their agile laboratories and record this into their database. They chose us due to our experience in this sector and our proactive problem-solving approach. To discover more about the project, read the RCaH case study here.
  • ALMA – Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) project: Alberon created an item tracking system to help in the assembly of complex radar systems in Chile for the ALMA project (as seen on the BBC). It was partly managed by STFC in Harwell. The software system had to be able to identify the various pieces of hardware by numerous methods like shipping notification, serial number, description and supplier. Discover more here.

  • Rosalind Franklin Institute: As neighbours of RCaH, The Rosalind Franklin Institute were recommended to our services. They are a new national institute, funded by the UK government. They bring about transformative changes in life science through research and technology development. They wanted a site which would enable scientists to book their facilities and participate in their projects. Firstly, we created an interim site with an overview, news stories and a basic application method. We then developed a detailed platform and integrated a 3rd party application and recruitment system among other key features.

Why does Alberon focus on health, science and technology companies?

Alberon loves to design and develop software that can contribute positively to society. Whether you are in the healthcare, scientific research or technology sectors we can help. Our vast experience creating dynamic software to streamline operations is at the disposal of many organisations. We are also experienced in creating great looking and contemporary front-end websites for our clients and linking them to dynamic backend software to work in unison. This offers a customer facing platform for procurement which can be linked directly with backend systems to ease operations. Our aim is to work with and improve an organisation’s reputation, market attractiveness and internal operations. Overall, we design sustainable platforms which are able to grow with your business.

Alberon has moulded an experienced team with the skills to design an eye-catching user-friendly interface and link it with a robust back-end system. We create secure, easy to use solutions for organisations to streamline operations and build upon.

Within your organisation, you may have multiple spreadsheets, databases and systems, making it increasingly difficult to manage people, processes and resources. Your systems could be:

  • full of sensitive data to manage (such as CVs, financial information and passports).
  • complex, with many processes (such as booking equipment, planning researcher/ laboratory schedules, ensuring projects are delivered correctly).
  • in multiple locations, making data prone to error, difficult to track and noncompliant.
  • reliant on one individual.

These are all factors that may contribute towards getting a bespoke system that caters for your organisational needs and can integrate with current processes. Off-the-shelf systems may be able to get you so far, and it is certainly worth checking out your options. However, bespoke solutions will always have the biggest and best long-term effects.

We have helped many other organisations in this fashion too. Names include Oxford University, The NHS and many more. Please discover more about these projects here.

How Alberon could help you?

If you would like to enquire please get in touch, a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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