Helping the wider community – Alberon’s involvement with the charity and not-for-profit sector

Alberon has had the pleasure of creating and maintaining software and websites for charities around Oxfordshire for over 15 years. Oxfordshire is the home for many developing not-for-profit organisations that strive to improve their general processes. We are able to create dynamic software systems and integrate them with user-friendly front-end systems, including websites.

One of our most established clients, with an accomplished system is Oxfordshire Mind. They are one of many local branches from Mind, the established, nationwide mental health charity. When developing a system for them, we wanted to uphold their values and qualities and allow them to achieve the best results possible.

Who has Alberon worked with?

We have worked with many charity and not-for-profit organisations, some of these includes:

Onside Advocacy – Are an Oxfordshire-based not-for-profit organisation that provide support for disadvantaged adults. With more staff coming aboard, they needed to improve their internal systems. They had outgrown their custom Access database, so we developed a new flexible and scalable solution. Fully bespoke to the organisation, we included enhanced accessibility and reporting functionality to improve coherence and productivity.

Oxfordshire Mind – The mental health supporting charity needed an outcomes monitoring database which could efficiently and informatively offer funding output data. The method had to be automated to ensure a uniform and easy process for staff to manage. It was integrated with a user-friendly web-based front end which volunteers could access from anywhere. It allowed improved administrative power for staff, tailored to their specific processes.

Dogs For Good – At first we helped them clean up their code, optimising report features and fixing bugs in their system. We also managed day to day support for ad hoc issues with the software. They were so happy with our work, they wanted us to expand the system. They wanted to manage client and volunteer data more efficiently to comply with GDPR.

Why does Alberon specialise in the Charity and not-for-profit sector in and around Oxfordshire?

Developing software that is able to positively impact society is at the core of Alberon’s values. This is why we are so passionate and have taken every opportunity to work with charity and not-for-profit organisations. We know allocating resources can be a challenge. Therefore, we ensure our methods are cost-effective and value-adding. Alberon has created many systems to streamline operations. We want to help organisations achieve goals more effectively and reduce errors. We are also experienced in creating great looking and contemporary front-end websites and linking them to dynamic backend software to work in unison. This offers a customer facing platform, that is in line with your brand, and raises your visibility. It can be linked with your existing systems and processes too, e.g. Email provider, CRM and invoicing software.

Within your organisation, you may have multiple spreadsheets, databases and systems,  making it increasingly difficult to manage people, processes and resources. Yours could be:

  • full of sensitive data to manage (such as CVs, financial information and client details),
  • complex, with many processes (such as arranging client meetings, organising records),
  • in multiple locations, making data prone to error, difficult to track and noncompliant,
  • reliant on one individual,
  • struggling to comply with GDPR.

These are all factors that may contribute to getting a bespoke system developed. Not only does it suit your tailored needs, but can integrate with current, integral systems and even a website. It can be made with your brand in mind.

We have specialists for the systems commonly used within not-for-profit organisations, such as Microsoft Access and SharePoint. If you would like to make the most of them to help your team and organisation, get in touch.

How could Alberon help you?

If you would like to enquire, please get in touch, a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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