Helping the wider community – Alberon’s involvement with Oxfordshire Education institutes

Alberon has been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest academic institutions around Oxfordshire over the last 15 years. Oxford is home to world-famous educational facilities. This includes working with some of the most influential departments at the University of Oxford.

Not only were we able to offer our expertise to improve their learning platforms and departments, but it was an opportunity to support global research facilities. We needed to ensure we reflected their standards and reputation.

Who has Alberon worked with?

We have worked with many educational institutes, some of these include:

  • Oxford University – We have assisted various departments including Computer Science, Statistics, St Catherine’s and Hertford College. We have assisted them with bespoke backend integration, front-end user-experience, design and support for software systems. The Department of Physics especially were looking for a partner that was knowledgeable about backend integration. They were impressed with how we understood and elevated their requirements.
  •  turn IT on – turn IT on offer their own IT support and training exclusively to schools. This allows them to support and maximise children’s learning opportunities and development. They required their internal and customer-facing systems to provide the highest quality service for their stakeholders. We cleaned up their systems to improve performance and ensure data was synchronised. We continue to manage them, to help streamline efficiency.
  • Dragon School – We redesigned Oxford-based school, The Dragon School’s website to illustrate the prestige and brand. They wanted a user-friendly platform where they could correspond with all stakeholders effectively. It had to be flexible for staff, to ensure adding content was simple and effective on a tablet, mobile and desktop device.

Why does Alberon specialise in the Education sector in and around Oxfordshire?

Being based in the heart of Oxford, we are surrounded by many different education organisations. Not only centuries old University buildings, but many modern education supporting organisations too, like turn IT on. This offers us the chance to contribute positively towards society, by developing software that can improve efficiency and reputation.

Alberon is home to an experienced team with the skills to design an eye-catching user-friendly interface and link it with a robust back-end system. We create secure, easy to use solutions for organisations to streamline operations and build upon. Overall, we design sustainable platforms which can grow with your business and operations.

Within your organisation, you may have multiple spreadsheets, databases and systems,  making it increasingly difficult to manage people, processes and resources. Yours could be:

  • full of sensitive data to manage (such as CVs, financial information and passports).
  • complex, with many processes,
  • in multiple locations, making data prone to error, difficult to track and noncompliant.
  • reliant on one individual,
  • struggling to comply with GDPR management.

These are all factors that may contribute towards getting a bespoke system that caters for your organisational needs and can integrate with current processes. Off-the-shelf systems may be able to get you so far, and it is worth checking out your options. However, bespoke solutions will always have the biggest and best long-term effects.

How Alberon could help you?

If you would like to enquire please get in touch, a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Many of our staff have been educated in and around Oxford, some from junior level. Others, including our MD, Tim, have even been lucky enough to work in educational environments as teachers and support staff.

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