How to avoid frightful websites this Halloween

It’s the season for ghosts, ghouls and devilish deeds, and we have seen some real monsters – grotesque and ghastly websites that would frighten anyone away.  So, we have delved into our bag of tricks to show you how to vanquish these Halloween horrors of website design for ever.

The Poltergeist

Don’t let your website behave like a poltergeist, play havoc with your content and mess it all up. This is what happens if your site isn’t built to be responsive. Make sure your site is responsive and works on all mobile devices such as a phone or tablet as well, as laptops and PCs.

Strange noises in the night (and day)

Soundtracks that play automatically can be awkward for your users. Imagine that they are at work, on public transport or with someone sleeping next door. If you want them to listen to your music, invite them to click on the play button.

Curse of the Vampires

Choosing the wrong colour palette can suck the life-blood from your site. Use complementary colours with the necessary contrast to make your site stand out, easy to read and appropriate to your brand.

The Grey Lady

Avoid ghostly apparitions, they can scare away your visitors.  Your site needs good strong images and it is worth investing in professional original photography if you can afford it. An alternative is to spend time researching stock images, you can achieve a good result for less.

Zombie Links

Dead links are annoying, quite common and can lose you sales.

  • All links must be reviewed before, during and after your site goes live.
  • When updates are made, you should regularly review your links to make sure they are still live.

Frankenstein Fonts

Your website is no place for the monster mash. Use too many fonts and you will surely create a monstrous sight. Stick to one, two or three fonts at the most. Make sure they are readable from any device and use bold and italic to create contrast with style for a good looking and professional site.

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