How to bring images to life for engaging web design and social media

In a recent article – Why you should use images on websites and social media – I emphasised the importance of using images on your website and in other media communications. Powerful images will grab a visitor’s attention and draw them into the content you are offering.

Following this article – one reader asked “…how one converts a photo of a building – static- into an attention grabbing image?”.

Having given this question some consideration, I thought it warranted another blog post, in the hope it might serve as inspiration elsewhere too.

use emotion to get a response

Why you should use images on websites and social media uses the emotional story of a horse trapped in quicksand on a beach, being comforted by a young woman, while rescuers are working to save it. Using cute cats, dogs, donkeys or some animal rescue is a sure fire way to grab people’s attention – even if it has nothing to do with the story being told.

So in that sense, I can understand my architect questioner: a static image of a newly constructed building extension can’t possibly compete against such emotional stories. But hey, maybe it can? You want to grab someone’s attention? Go a bit mad! Yes, that’s right. Do something unexpected.

use the unexpected to get a second look

How many of you remember the famous advertising campaign for static, wood burning stoves? They came up with a brilliant low-budget solution: take the stoves out of context – and put them somewhere outdoors – either on a beach, or as shown here in the heathers – and treat it like your living room. Complete with black lab.* It grabbed attention and made it a very successful company.

To be sure, for my architect friend it’s not as simple as taking that extension and putting it on a beach, but perhaps you could put something else into the extension? Or someone?

I’ll leave the dreaming up of ideas to you. The main point I’m trying to make is: be bold and imaginative. Do something unexpected – and that way you may well get the image that will grab your audience’s attention. Throwing in a cute dog might help. Or maybe it should be a camel? Don’t get me started….

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*The stove adverts were for the Charnwood Island range.


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