My week at Alberon by Alice Ding

Here is the diary based on my work experience in Alberon. And…oh yes, my name is Alice.

First of all, let me introduce myself. This is my first year of A-level in Headington School. I really enjoy art and design, therefore I am considering a career related to design in the future. However, since I haven’t decided what to study in university, I decided to do some work experience in order to find out. Luckily Alberon offered me an opportunity to work with an amazing graphic designer for one week.

Overall, I found that doing work experience is a brilliant way to understand and explore what a career will be like in the real world. I strongly recommend students to do at least one week of work experience before they go to university. Last but not least, it is great fun to work and communicate with people in the work place.

Day 1:

The first day of work experience meant getting up at 8 in the morning on my third day of half-term. However, it seems like it is a great start! Today I have been reviewing websites and writing feedback, which has made me think about how the journey of viewing a website actually affects customers’ experience. For example, adding a back to top bottom makes it easier to get back to the navigation. I’ve also learnt new professional ICT terms and wrote tweets for the Alberon blog. I met the nice and friendly people in the office, and the relaxed atmosphere made me feel comfortable.

Day 2:


I have been sitting in the office for 6 hours, it was a long day but I really enjoyed it. Today Deborah taught me how to build a website by WordPress. If you want to try creating a website and publish interesting posts, is a good idea to play with, and it is free! Before that we went through the health and safety introduction, and I completed the characteristic test – an interesting multiple-choice test which summarize your characteristics. In the end I realized that ‘confident’ and ‘expressive’ are both necessary for a graphic designer. At the end of the day, there is a pure satisfaction of seeing the website I created.


Day 3:

Today I shadowed Christian, Alberon’s designer, who showed me how to edit pictures on Photoshop. In the afternoon, I received a new task which is really exciting, I am going to create my own artwork webpage, by WordPress! It sounds pretty cool to have an exclusive webpage for my own artwork. I hope in the people will comment and ‘like’ my posts – as many ‘likes’ as my Instagram page, I hope.

Day 4:

Time flies, today is the second to last day of work experience. What I did today was mainly to refine the work I have done so far. There is also a new task for me which is about colour connotation and image. I found that the ability of recognizing the meaning behind a certain colour or picture is essential for a graphic designer. The perception of a colour or picture can give people a totally different impression! Well, it seems like art involves the beauty of science ;)


Day 5:

Last day of work experience, cannot believe I am going to say goodbye to my colleagues. On the other hand, my half term finally starts practically, which means that I don’t have to get up early any more. Nevertheless, it has been a great time working at Alberon.

Today I’ve been refining both the websites I made with the new skills I have learnt. They look much more professional than before. New tags and categories are added to the post, which I hope means there will be more chance that people could find my website and leave some comments like ‘wow!’.

In conclusion, it has been a great week working with Alberon’s graphic designer. It gives me more clues about how graphic designers work, and how websites are made. More importantly, it has made things clearer in making my university decision.

Overall, I want to say thank you to everyone, it has been a real pleasure to work with you!

Alice Ding 2014.10.24

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