Rhythmic Robot website changes hit the right note

With recent changes to VAT rules affecting online businesses, software instrument company Rhythmic Robot Audio wanted to ensure that they were compliant. New rules state that the tax applied to digital services, such as music downloads, needs to be that of the buyer’s country – rather than the seller.

We rebuilt the site in content management system, WordPress, and added the WooCommerce plugin for online purchases. Customers now get a basket, so they can purchase multiple products at once, discounts can be applied and voucher codes set-up.

Finally, we integrated Taxamo – a compatible piece of software that checks the buyer’s IP address to determine their location and then applies the correct tax amount.

Not only are Rhythmic Robot now compliant with the new VAT rules, they now also have a site that is easier to manage and a host of new ecommerce tools to help support online sales.

The “Alberon Experience” has been great. I came into this, really, just wanting to do the bare minimum necessary to conform to the EU VAT legislation; I’m coming out of it with a much stronger website that I think my customers are going to love, and which is going to make my life behind the scenes a lot smoother. So I’m very grateful.

The Professor – Rhythmic Robot MD



If you need help to modify your website to collect sufficient evidence, adjust the VAT rates for different countries, or integrate a compliance solution such as Taxamocontact us today.

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