Tips for selecting the right web designer

OK, you’ve done the brief and are keen as mustard to get your new website up and running as soon as possible. But not too fast. Take time to choose the best web design company for the job. How do you make sure you get the right one? What do you need to look for? Where to begin? Here is our 6-point checklist for choosing your web design company.

1. Research the company . You need to work with web designers and software developers who can be relied on to deliver. Make sure your choice is a good one.

For example, how long has the company been in business? How much experience does it have? Do staff work in-house staff or is work outsourced? Make sure you can talk to the people actually doing the work, instead of having someone pass messages back and forth. If it is a small company or a ‘one-man band’ what happens if they can’t finish the work or they go away?

2. Check out their clients. Looking at the client list will tell you who else they work with and the types of websites have they designed and built. You will want a good match for your business. A web design company with a track record of large multi-national corporate sites would probably not be a good fit for a small start-up business. And check out their previous work. Don’t just judge them on graphic design, because you might not be the target audience. Ask for case studies and make sure that the web designs fit the brief and produces the desired results. You could even ask for references and make sure your chosen web design company has done a good job for other clients.

3. Are they specialists? Specialist knowledge of your sector, work completed for organisations with similar objectives to yours, or experience in building specific technology, such as content management systems, databases, or ecommerce systems may help. It could mean expertise useful in getting your website working at its best, fulfilling your goals, saving time.

4. What about the long term? Websites need to evolve and keep up-to-date. Find out what their capabilities are to make changes, support and maintain the website once it is launched.

5. The cost of website design varies hugely. Don’t be afraid to shop around for quotes, but also be aware you get what you pay for. A cheap website might not do the best job for your business. Once a price is agreed, check whether you are likely to get any additional costs billed – you don’t want any nasty surprises.

6. Own the domain. Make sure any website domain name/address ( is registered in your name with your contact information, not the web designer. This will ensure you can still use your website domain name in the future, even if you take your business elsewhere.

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