The importance of good website copy

Website copyWhen we mention website copy, most people think big words, sales speak and marketing ploys. In fairness some of that is true, but the one thing which must always be considered is that copy for a website is very different to copy for print. Firstly people tend to spend very little time reading text on a website then they do looking at pretty images and clicking enticing links and buttons.

Website copy should consider two things;

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  2. Keep things simple

SEO should always be on your mind because if your website is high up in the rankings then you can rest assured that people will be visiting your site and not a competitor’s. Optimisations can be done primarily through the strategic placement of keywords throughout your website’s copy, especially on the home page. So not only do you need to grab peoples’ attention with your copy, you need to ensure that the core information on the page contains essential keywords to optimise your site.

Website copy must provide enough information to keep people interested but not so much that they feel overwhelmed and simply go elsewhere. Try and incorporate punchy copy, with eye catching visuals and keep it simple. You want straightforward navigation, your key contact details on every page and convincing copy.

Here at Alberon, we are happy to advise on SEO techniques which work, or direct you to one of our specialist SEO partners should this be what you are looking for. It may seem like a cost saving exercise not to consider copy at the start of a new website design and build but trust us, it is something well worth investing in! Don’t let bad website copy get in the way of reaching your potential customers.

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