Top tips for giving your website a spring clean

Maintaining your website is probably on your to do list, but if it seems to be working OK, it can often fall to the bottom as other jobs take priority.

Having the time to stay on top of everything is always a battle, so we have identified 4 areas that may benefit from a quick ‘spring clean’ to help keep your website effective.

1. Check key words

When you launched your website you may have identified your top keywords– but when did you last check that these were still the most relevant? Do a quick keyword analysis just to be sure that you are still using the right keywords to attract relevant visitors to your site.

2. Test your visitor experience

You probably visit your website a number of times a week to check or add information. Get someone with fresh eyes to take a look and answer some questions or do a few specific tasks.  For example:

  • Ask them to explain exactly what the business does. Was this information clear and easy to find?
  • What key messages do they get about your business?
  • Is there a clear call to action?
  • How did they rate their overall experience of using your website?
  • Ask them to find a certain bit of information or to perform a certain task – ie purchase a product or submit a contact form – and note their experience.

3. Review your content

  • Make sure all your web pages have a clear message and are not bogged down with too much information that can overwhelm visitors and dilute your core messages. Remove old content and broken links and update images to be more relevant and engaging.
  • Check the content is still relevant to your target audience. If the answer is no, archive it or, if appropriate, remove it completely. If visitors struggle to find what they need because they have to wade through masses of irrelevant data they will give up and leave.

  • Be clear and concise. Make sure the core information you want customers to know is easy to find. Use plain and appropriate language and don’t overload with too much information that might confuse the user.
  • Consider what other types of content you could develop – perhaps commission a new video or infographic, or publish a new case study and up to date testimonial. Keeping your content, not only fresh and up to date, but also engaging and interesting, is key to encouraging visitors to return time and again.

4. Check your security updates

With websites being under constant attack, you need to ensure that you have downloaded the latest updates to your Content Management System as they contain security patches as well as bug fixes and new features. Websites that fail to do this are vulnerable to attacks.

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