VAT changes for several clients

Alberon supports a number of clients with custom database systems and websites. Some of these systems include invoicing, and needed to be updated as a result of the recent VAT rate changes.


Crimson Business
Crimson Business publish a range of magazines including “Growing Business”. Crimson have a custom written Access database which they use to record all advertising sold for the magazines.

Ink Copywriters
Alberon wrote a custom FileMaker database for Bath-based copywriters Ink Copywriters when they began trading in 2004. The database handles Ink Copywriters’ contacts, jobs, quotes and invoices.


LogoMike sell custom designed microphone covers. Alberon provide support and development for the website as required. We’ve made various improvements recently, as well as the VAT changes, to simplify the ordering process.

We’re happy to provide support for most websites and database systems, including ones we didn’t write!

If you need adhoc support for your database application or website, why not get in touch?

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