WordPress plugins – why we love WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular ecommerce system for WordPress (a popular Content Management System we often use). It’s open-source, reliable, extensible, and the development team behind it are always coming up with new features.

We have been wooed by WooCommerce’s most attractive features. It is:

  • Free (with paid extensions)
  • Open Source (this means you can view the source code of the program if you wish, so you know there is nothing malicious included)
  • Flexible (We can adapt it to meet your needs)
  • Provides good reporting

No two shops are identical, and WooCommerce offers a good base, with the flexibility to be customised for each one’s individual requirements.  The good news is that these are often cheap – and because they’re open source, we can customise them even further for you to get the exact functionality you want. For example:

Payments – Paypal works out of the box, and almost every payment method under the sun is covered through extensions.

Shipping – help your customers get their products by providing free shipping, flat rate shipping, or table rate shipping for more complex methods. You can also allow your customers to choose the shipping method that works best for them.

Inventory – WooCommerce makes it easy to handle your inventory, keeping track of stock as time goes on. Plus, it can easily handle large amounts of orders and products – so no need to worry about scale as your shop grows.

Reporting – keep an eye on your shop with detailed reports of stock, performance, reviews, and sales.

Marketing – create discount coupons and have an overnight giveaway for any product.

Downloads – sell your software, music, or any other downloadable product through your store. Grant access for any time period then revoke it with the click of a button.

Themes – choose from thousands of themes to find one that matches your vision, or let us design a bespoke shop for you.

Let us show you how we can adapt and integrate WooCommerce for your website. Get in touch to find out more hello@alberon.co.uk or phone 01865 794009.

About Alberon

We have been designing and building bespoke software solutions and websites for organisations in Oxford for over 12 years, helping them to work more effectively and realise their full potential. Our friendly, highly experienced team of web designers and software developers are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the outcomes they want. From web design and development, to complex software solutions, we apply our creative and technical know-how to deliver the perfect solution.

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