Your New Year website workout

Make a New Year Resolution to keep your website healthy for the year ahead.

A robust website needs to be nurtured to keep performing at its peak. Look after it, and it will look for your business. Leave it untended and unloved for too long and it will not work as effectively.

Even worse, it could leave you open to a breach in security, hacking and leaking confidential data. So, this New Year, why not make it a resolution to keep your website in tip-top condition by following this checklist.

1. Keep security up-to-date

We’ve said it before…and we’ll say it again. This really must be your number 1 priority. Recent hacking and virus attacks show that all businesses can be vulnerable. The consequences of not keeping your security up to date can be devastating with hackers uploading viruses, malware or adware, stealing sensitive personal data, sending spam from your website, or even replacing your home page or complete website with another bogus one.

2. Analyse your analytics

There are plenty of tools you can use to help you drill into the statistics and establish if your website is performing properly. For example Google analytics can help you to monitor your site’s traffic. You can then make changes accordingly to increase your sites visitors and effectiveness.

3. Monitor your SEO performance

This is vital if you rely on search engines for people to find your website. It helps if you understand customer search behaviour when developing your strategies for creating the most successful content and messages. Google’s Keyword Planner will help, alongside Webmaster Tools integration.  Maintaining or improving your ranking depends on keeping your website fresh with lively new content.

4. Add new content

Make sure that you keep your website fresh with regularly updated news, images and film. Remember it needs to be relevant, engaging and satisfy your SEO objectives to help your customers find you and keep them comingback for more. While you are adding new content, don’t forget to remove the old and out of date stuff too.

5. Keep your CMS up to date

The main reason for applying updates to your content management system (CMS) is to keep your security up to date and prevent hackers getting in through known weaknesses. An upgrade may also provide new features and functionality and bug fixes. So it can improve the speed and/or performance of your website. Plus keeping your CMS updated makes future upgrades easier. If you don’t, future upgrades could be expensive or even impossible without a major overhaul. So if you are offered the chance to receive an update take it. Even better sign up for security updates with us and we will do this for you as part of our hosting packages.

6. Check it works

Make sure your links work, that contact forms send, and that all aspects of your website function properly. Broken links to defunct content and error messages will frustrate customers and present a bad impression.

7. Keep up to stay ahead

Keep up with developments and respond by making changes. For example Google are notorious for changing the algorithms for SEO ranking. Take time every month to make sure you know about any changes and take action.

If you can’t manage – get us in to help

If the routine slips and keeping up is all too much, let us take the strain. Our web hosting packages will ensure that your website protection is kept up to date.  If your site needs refreshing or a complete overhaul we can help. Get in touch and see how we can help you.

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