Are you looking for bespoke software or web development in the Charity and not-for-profit sector?

  • As a charitable or not-for-profit organisation, it is critical to balance your service provision with income, in the most efficient way. You need to manage your paid and volunteer staff, clients and service providers, whilst attracting and managing donations.
  • You need software integrated with a website that is simple to use, cost-effective and lets you focus on your service provision. Or something else that may benefit your processes. It needs to be GDPR compliant, secure, robust and accessible.
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We’re very pleased with the system. It has saved days of staff time every month, and has paid for itself already.

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Benedict Leigh

How Alberon can help:

Often we are approached by Third Sector organisations who have multiple spreadsheets and separate databases, being managed by staff who aren’t always fully computer literate. You may be concerned about resources being wasted on administration and the quality of data.

You need user-friendly solutions that maximise the amount of time and quality of service with clients. This is our speciality, alongside ensuring:

  • Your teams are happy to use the systems confidently
  • Data is being entered once and integrates across multiple systems
  • Your website attracts, takes donations and integrates with your finance systems
  • Your data is secure, confidential and compliant, including alerts for duplication and GDPR compliance
  • Meaningful reports are generated on demand for stakeholders

We are often asked to create these systems to help organisations to focus on what matters to them, allowing more time for service delivery.

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We immediately received positive messages from our members, boosting confidence and future commitment to associated tasks.

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Kellie Nicholson
The International Association of Hydrogeologists

You can have the confidence that our approachable, Oxford-based team has the skills and experience to deliver a system on time, on budget and on specification. We create secure, easy to use solutions for organisations to improve their reputation, efficiency and critical internal operations. If you would like to enquire, please get in touch, a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Examples of projects:


Onside Advocacy

They had a dated MS Access database that they had out-grown. We developed a new system from scratch that could be upscaled as they grow. The application is web-based and can be accessed on the go. The modern interface is quick and easy to use, with user-permissions making the system more secure.
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Dogs for good

At first, we helped them clean up their code, optimising report features and fixing bugs in their system as well as offering day to day support for ad-hoc issues. They were so happy with our work, they wanted us to expand the system. They wanted to manage their client and volunteer data more efficiently to comply with GDPR regulation.
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Oxfordshire Mind

Had a manual paper-driven reporting system to outline the charities successes to those that provided their funding. We created a dynamic system that allowed staff to have all their requirements met, in one place, streamlining the process. The web-based solution had user-permission access allowing more structure for individual volunteer’s roles.
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