Are you looking for bespoke software or web development in the healthcare, science or technology sectors?

  • Behind the scenes you might have many different systems and databases which can be difficult to manage, this may leave operations creaking at the seams.
  • The answer is a well rounded and powerful system that is flexible and simplifies your data and resource management. An innovative solution will help improve operations and reputation.
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You realise what I need even if I don’t know. The new application is making my job easier on a day to day basis, making sure everything is in one place.

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Sadie Primmer
Research Complex at Harwell

Top ways how we can help:

Whether you are in the healthcare, scientific research or technology sectors, our vast experience creating dynamic software to streamline your operations is at your disposal. We are also experienced in creating great looking and contemporary front-end websites for our clients and linking them to dynamic backend software to work in unison.

Your business may need an interim ‘quick fix’, re-engineer ‘a beast’ of an existing system or to start again from scratch.

You can have the confidence that our approachable, Oxford-based team has the skills and experience to deliver a system on time, on budget and on specification. We create secure, easy to use solutions for organisations to improve their reputation, market attractiveness and critical internal operations. If you would like to enquire please get in touch, a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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You did a tremendous job by delivering this on time and exceeding my most optimistic expectations.

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Paolo Radaelli
University of Oxford Physics department

Examples of projects:

  • Research Complex at Harwell – RCaH’s vision is to create a website and application system to more effectively manage the collaboration and booking of research scientists, globally, into their agile laboratories. They chose us due to our experience in this sector and our proactive problem-solving approach.
  • ALMA – Alberon created a bespoke inventory control database which played a key role during the ALMA project at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) at Harwell.  STFC were one of four sites worldwide who provided hardware for the ALMA observatory in Chile.
  • The University of Oxford – Dept. of Computer Science – Website re-design. Being technical experts themselves, they were looking for a partner that was knowledgeable about backend integration. They were impressed with how we understood their requirements and we continue to support them.

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