We probably shouldn’t have a favourite content management system (CMS), but along with the rest of the world we do, and it’s WordPress. We love working with WordPress, as we get great results with it every time. It’s cost-effective and very easy for content editors to use with little training.

  1. Ease of use

All the editing is done via your web browser, so there is no need to install any special software. It’s simple to edit copy and insert images. You’ve also got full control of the menus and you can easily add new pages. WordPress provides a great experience for content editors.

  1. It supports many types of website
  • Brochure sites
  • Content sites
  • Blogs
  • News sites
  • Portfolios
  • Forums
  • E-commerce
  • Membership

All of these can be customised to suit your needs and image. With our team’s broad knowledge and experience of WordPress and web design, your website’s development is made quick and simple.

  1. Large community and plugin ecosystem

Out of the box, WordPress does not do everything. So, we install the right combination of plugins to add the desired functionality. There are thousands of free plugins available, plus many low-cost commercial ones, so most sites require little or no custom coding, keeping costs down.

It is the world’s most popular CMS, around 30% of all internet sites are powered by WordPress. This enables it to be well supported, making it a long-term solution to website development.

We have the expertise needed to select the best plugins and customise them to suit just about any requirements. If no suitable plugins are available, we are also experts in writing custom plugins to fit your exact needs.

Handy tools such as site search come as standard too. Other useful plugins include SEO optimisation, WooCommerce – perfect for E-Commerce sites – and contact forms among many others.

  1. User permissions workflow

We can set up multiple user accounts, with a flexible permission system, so different members of staff and departments in your organisation can manage their own areas of the website. WordPress has a simple publishing workflow, so pages can be saved as a draft, then reviewed and approved before they are published.

  1. Modern security

WordPress offers constant updates, including for plugins, which aim to keep your site secure. It also has fantastic spam protection plugins available, offering peace of mind for the development of your website. WordPress code is always being tested and the team are quick to fix vulnerabilities. Alberon also has a range of high quality hosting services for WordPress sites designed to keep your site secure and protected from hackers.

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