legacy software system support and development

At Alberon we’re experienced in supporting software systems that have been written by others. If you’re having difficulty with a software application that’s no longer supported by your developer, you’re struggling with a freelancer that is no longer available, or a key member of staff has moved on – we can help.

Alberon has experience of supporting a range of systems from small databases through to large “mission critical” systems deployed across multiple sites and used by thousands of users. We can support and develop systems written in a variety of languages / platforms, including:

– PHP / MySQL, including Laravel, Symfony, CakePHP and bespoke applications
– Microsoft .NET / SQL Server
– Microsoft Access 2000-2016
– FileMaker Pro

Specifically we can:

  • support your system, resolve any issues and make small updates saving you time and allowing you to focus on other tasks
  • work with you to plan and develop system improvements
  • improve stability and performance by re-structuring your system, or by moving the back-end database to a more powerful system
  • carry out a system security audit, to identify any vulnerable areas
  • undertake a functional audit to identify issues with the way the system works and how it is being used
  • document system features to help protect the application should a key member of staff leave, taking their knowledge of the system with them
  • train staff on using the system, to ensure data quality is preserved and to avoid any future issues.

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