Laravel is a popular PHP framework within which developers build web applications or complex websites, and it is our preferred choice here at Alberon. Our development team have considerable expertise working with Laravel, and while the benefits of Laravel are not directly visible to our customers, it does provide them with many advantages:

1. Laravel simplifies our job

Laravel simplifies our job as we don’t have to rebuild the same basic functionality every time we build a new web app, reducing the overall development time. By making this process easier and quicker, it costs less to build the application compared to building from scratch without a framework – a cost saving that is passed onto the customer.

2. Laravel is the most popular PHP framework

Laravel is the most popular PHP framework and one of the easiest for developers to learn. There is a large community surrounding it, providing help and support. There are a lot of tutorials, documentation, blog posts and videos, and due to its popularity, there are a lot of developers trained or keen to learn it. This makes it easier to hire new developers to build and support applications built in Laravel, compared to fully bespoke systems.

3. Many open source packages are available

Due to its popularity, there are a lot of open source packages providing ready-made functionality that we can use, just like there are many plugins for WordPress. Using these packages saves both time and money, so our customers get their website/application more quickly and at a more cost-effective price.

4. Laravel is more secure

Laravel provides many security features out of the box that are well documented and tested by lots of people, helping to protect against dangers such as SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, and cross-site scripting. We hold regular training sessions for all our developers and conduct regular code reviews to ensure these features are used correctly. Together this results in higher quality, more secure code, protecting your customers’ data and your integrity.

5. Laravel is well supported

Finally, because Laravel has been around for many years now and it is so popular, we can expect it to be supported for many years to come. (Even if the main developer, Taylor Otwell, were to leave, there are other prominent developers in the community who would take it forward.) This means customers can be confident there will be support for their web applications for many years to come.

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