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WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS); over 30% of all websites use it. It’s well supported and flexible, making it a long-term solution for web development which can evolve with your business needs. As our preferred CMS, our in-house development team are highly skilled in using WordPress. We have vast experience in using it to create bespoke websites for organisations across a range of sectors.


Bespoke website development

Every website we design and develop is built to meet the specific needs of our customer. WordPress provides us with a base on which to build, adding additional functionality by customising existing plugins, or creating brand new ones if necessary. We will work with you to identify your requirements, and build a website that is easy for visitors to navigate and for you to maintain.

We can also integrate your website with any 3rd party system or software, such as payment gateways, CRMs and email provider platforms, to help streamline your processes. We will plan, design and develop a website to achieve your goals.


Modern security

WordPress has a large community of users, so any security issues are identified and raised quickly. WordPress is continuously tested by the WordPress Security Team, who are quick to offer updates to fix vulnerabilities, keeping your site secure.

Alberon’s hosting packages for WordPress sites are designed to keep your website secure and protected.  We monitor your server and can detect and fix problems before you even realise you have them. Regular security updates help keep your website and data safe and secure.



WordPress makes updating websites simple. With an easy-to-use admin area, even non-technical website editors can upload new copy and imagery without needing professional assistance. We can also include website features to suit your needs. These include built-in guides, permission systems (enabling staff members to manage their own areas of the website) and publishing workflows, which allow draft pages to be saved, reviewed and approved before being published.


Well supported

The popularity of WordPress means that there are many online forums and help groups anyone can turn to with any questions or issues. Having the support of a large community for your chosen CMS is very useful. It means there is a lot of support for using the system, and can be helpful if you have any minor issues to resolve. For example, a popular CMS such as WordPress will often have bugs identified and fixed very quickly, and people are developing new plugins for it all the time.

Out of the box, WordPress does not do everything. We therefore install the right combination of plugins to add the desired functionality. There are thousands of free plugins available, plus many low-cost commercial ones, so most sites require little or no custom coding. This has the benefit of keeping costs down.

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