Chameleon Arts

This family of sites allows people to search for musicians to play at weddings, parties, conferences, concerts, and all manner of other performance venues.


Chameleon Arts Management needed a family of attractive websites that would allow people to search for musicians by genre or artist speciality. Be it for a wedding, party, conference, concert, or any other performance venue, Chameleon Arts wanted to provide easy access to their artists for online customers.

The sites provide a directory of musicians-for-hire for a range of events including weddings and parties, corporate functions and concerts. The artists range from bands, instrumentalists, concert musicians and ensembles, to singers and entire orchestras of varying periods/styles. Users are able to collate a shortlist of favourite artists and then post an email enquiry regarding their availability.

It was important that the list of artists – along with their photos, videos, playlists and sound clips – could be easily managed.

Good all-round Search Engine Optimisation was also a high priority.

the solution

technical notes

The site was built with the Symfony framework, using PHP and MySQL. This allows easy building of administrative tools to manage categories, artists and their audio samples, video, and images.

An Ajax multimedia player was used to play media and display images, while an Ajax image management tool was used for the administration of artists’ images.

Alberon also wrote a bespoke search engine (written in Symfony and PHP) that could specifically target the content of the Chameleon database.

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