Dogs for Good

Dogs for Good is an Oxfordshire based charity that train assistance dogs to help adults and children with disabilities. Dogs for Good had a database system that was no longer supported or used properly. Data was being entered incorrectly or inconsistently and users had lost confidence in the system.


Set up in 1988, the Dogs for Good charity is headquartered in Banbury, Oxfordshire. Their mission is to bring trained dogs and people together to help them overcome specific challenges and enrich and improve the lives of both.

Dogs for Good manage their client, dog and volunteer records using a Microsoft Access database. Originally set up by one of the charity’s volunteers, the database had served them well, but they were keen to expand the database and improve efficiency.

In addition, the working practices at Dogs for Good had evolved at a faster pace than that of the database. This meant that some information fields were no longer used, while other fields were still to be introduced.  As a result, staff found their own ways of working around the limitations in functionality, thereby reducing the number and quality of reports that could be produced.

“Alberon are fantastic. They offer a very professional service and take the jargon out of IT. Alberon really listen to what you want and ensure that they understand your needs before moving forward. In short they are a real asset to our Charity. ”
Paul Davies
Training Department Support Team Leader, Dogs for Good

the solution

Experienced in supporting systems that have been built by others, Alberon took over the maintenance and support of the charity’s database, making enhancements to improve the efficiency of the whole system.

the result

With the system enhancements making the database more efficient and user friendly, the Dogs for Good team are now confident that the system is being used properly by all its users and they can trust the data and produce meaningful results “Since taking on the database, Alberon has improved and enhanced the database” says Paul Davies, the Training Department Support Team Leader at Dogs for Good. “They have also provided training so my team are more confident and self-sufficient when using it”. With more staff using the system, they now have a much better view of the data across the organisation and the good work the charity is doing. 

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