Function Junction

Function Junction asked us to build them a web-based booking co-ordination system to handle the communications between their artists and customers.


Function Junction had a problem: After a client had arranged to book one of their artists to perform at a wedding or other event, a lot of details needed to be sorted out to ensure that everything went smoothly on the day. This was all done using printed questionnaires, which were sent backwards and forwards between artist and clients. This process was cumbersome and very time consuming for all involved.

An additional complication was that Function Junction used different documents for different types of artist and for different types of event. It was therefore necessary for the website to support a range of different forms. For example for a wedding there were questions about first dance, name of bride, name of groom etc. which did not apply for a party booking.

“Alberon have been maintaining and developing our website since 2003 and more recently have built a sophisticated online booking coordination system for us. Tim and his team's approach is always intelligent, practical and cost-effective. Equally important, they are nice guys and we enjoy working with them.”
Jonny Stoll
Function Junction

the solution

Alberon developed an Online Booking Co-ordination System tailored to Function Junction’s needs. Once a booking has been set up on the system, clients can log in and complete the details about the venue and the booking. Once this is done the artist is invited to log in, view the details of the booking, raise any queries, and confirm when they are happy with the arrangements.

The Online Booking System allows unlimited custom forms to be set up allowing Function Junction to set up different forms for different types of event.

The traffic light status system allows all parties to see at a glance what state a booking is at: green means a section has been agreed; orange means it’s waiting for one party to confirm; red means there’s a problem.

The Online Booking System’s powerful administration area allows Function Junction to log in and see at a glance the status of all the bookings currently in progress.

FWP Matthews Oxford University Press