FWP Matthews

FWP Matthews Ltd is one of the leading independent millers in the UK for conventional and organic flour. They needed a system for tracking wheat and flour through the mill.


The top priority was to have a better system for the information that is entered during the course of each shift by the miller. The miller requires a data entry screen which allows him to enter the information that is currently recorded on paper. Where possible the screen would provide dropdown lists for the miller to choose from and should check that the values entered are reasonable. Currently they transfer this information into a spreadsheet every week for summary and analysis. They produce a number of graphs and charts based on the data. The new software should do these steps automatically.

the solution

We gathered more information and developed a specification. This was agreed. Then we did a quick prototype in Microsoft Access. This raised a few more questions. Once these issues were sorted out we coded the application in .NET. We tested it before we handed it over to FWP Matthews for them to test.


Functionality includes tracking:

  • Receipt of wheat
  • Testing of wheat received
  • Choosing the blend of wheat and other ingredients
  • Running the batch
  • Finishing the batch
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