The International Association of Hydrogeologists

The International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) is a charitable organisation for groundwater professionals. They asked us to plan, design and build a brand new website that would meet their needs for years to come.

the brief

The key criteria for the new site was flexibility – a solution that could meet a variety of current needs, plus have the ability to adapt to meet any future requirements. They were looking for a website that was easy to manage and maintain, as the current site had a dated design and was built in an old custom content management system (CMS) which made changes difficult and time-consuming.

IAH also had a number of sub-sites for their national chapters, commissions and networks to consider, so they needed a solution that would make it easy for them to set up and maintain new sites, instead of each group having to build their own. Being an international organisation, IAH was also keen to appeal to non-native English speakers using images, clear design and icons as well as offer multi-language capacity.

“We immediately received positive messages from our members, boosting confidence and future commitment to associated tasks.”
Kellie Nicholson
The International Association of Hydrogeologists

the solution

The mailing lists are automatically synchronised with the member’s database on the website, ensuring their contact lists are kept up-to-date. If a member unsubscribes in Campaign Monitor, their profile on the website is also updated to reflect this.

The events list from the website is also automatically uploaded to Campaign Monitor to be displayed as part of the newsletter. This ensures the information remains current, and saves time when maintaining the site.

the result

IAH now has a new website that clearly reflects what they offer both as a charity and a professional association. The updated content management system saves them time in administering the system, and the multisite feature means new sub-sites can be set up more easily, and ensures consistency. The ecommerce system provides members with a quick and secure way to join the charity, and synchronising the newsletter data with the website, ensures the data is always current and correct.

As a result of such developments, considerably more users have signed up to receive IAH’s online communications. IAH is also able to more effectively assess the strength of its communications, learning and building suitable strategies in response.

The launch of the website is regarded as the first step of many for IAH, in terms of using technology to fulfil the requirements of the association and achieve its mission and aims.

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