Leadbitter Database

Leadbitter Group has firmly established itself as a market leader within both the UK Construction and affordable housing markets. They needed a web based application which contained all of their approved suppliers.


Leadbitter currently have a database application written in MS Access. The data tables used to be held in MS Access, but are now in SQL Server.

The aim of this project is to write a pilot web application which re-creates some of the functionality of the existing MS Access application. This will allow Leadbitter to assess how well a web-based application will work on their IT network for users both at the lead office and regional offices. The pilot application will need to re-create some of the functionality of the suppliers area on their current application.

The supplier module must support certain functions such as authorised logins and password reminders, supplier browsing, supplier searches through filters and printing the supplier details.

the solution

technical notes

The pilot application was developed in C#.net and works with the existing SQL Server database.

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