Move 2 You

Move 2 You is a property-based website to help buyers and sellers contact each other before a house goes on the market, so the seller can test the water before investing in a HIP and in estate agent fees, and the buyer can be the first to find out that a house is about to come on the market.


We were asked to help build an interactive website to allow prospective buyers and sellers to contact each other. Prospective buyers can register an interest in a particular property, or in any property in a particular road or area. Sellers can register their property and can find out what level of interest exists in their property.

“In our opinion, Alberon has not only delivered a technically complex site well, but has also understood the commercial brief and has contributed to a better final result - a web-site we're all very proud of.”
Chris Gardener
Move 2 You

the solution


Behind the scenes the working of the site are quite complex. The site needed to be designed in such a way that the user experience was as intuitive as possible, so that the site users “get the idea”.

The site uses Google Maps.

The site has a messaging system to allow sellers and buyers to communicate without the need to reveal their email address to each other.

technical notes

The site uses the web service Postcode Anywhere to obtain information about addresses in a particular postcode area or location.

Payments are handled by PayPal.

There are fairly complex ranking algorithms which are used to calculate the level of interest of a prospective buyer. For example a buyer who has expressed an interest in all properties in a town, is given a lower score than a buyer who has expressed an interest in a specific property. It’s a bit like dating for properties!

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