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Onside is a growing charity that provides support for vulnerable, disadvantaged adults. Having grown and evolved over the years, they were looking for a new software system that would continue to meet their requirements now and in the future.

the brief

Established in 1992, Onside supports approximately 3000 individuals a year, through a dedicated team of experienced staff and volunteers and contractors. Funded through a range of sources means the charity can maintain its independence, but also requires them to demonstrate how it makes a difference.

With a growing number of staff, a range of benefactors to consider, and the individuals they support, Onside were looking to improve their internal systems to make them more efficient. The charity had a bespoke Access database system that had been built a number of years ago, and as the charity had grown and evolved, the database no longer met its requirements.

Onside considered modifying the existing system, but this proved too expensive. So the decision was made to build a new system that would meet their current needs and could be extended for any future requirements.

“From design, to construction, to ongoing support, Alberon are approachable, supportive, flexible, creative and knowledgeable.”
Rosie Turner
Operations Manager, Onside

the solution

Onside now has a bespoke scalable, web-based software solution, with improved accessibility and enhanced reporting capabilities. The charity can capture and maintain client details, then progress and report these findings back to their benefactors for on-going support.

improved reporting capabilities

Onside now has a raft of information available at their fingertips. They can search and assign support to individuals based on a host of criteria, including location or area of expertise. And the progress of each project or individual they help can be tracked, recorded and reported on.

Rosie Turner, Operations Manager at Onside says, “the database has eliminated the need for multiple spreadsheets previously required to track activity.  It has saved a considerable amount of time and we have more faith in the figures.”

All this information can be easily downloaded and shared with internal staff and benefactors to demonstrate the positive results of the work Onside do. This not only helps when securing future funding, but also for maintaining internal morale. “The new database has given us more time to analyse the figures rather than spending time compiling them” says Rosie.  “This makes us more proactive and effective as an organisation.”

the result

By opening up the system through improved accessibility, Onside now has an efficient, easy to use software system that all the support groups can use. The charity can now provide quality information and results to both their staff, benefactors, volunteers and most importantly provide the best possible care to the individuals they help.

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