Restore outcomes monitoring system

Restore has a number of different funders. Each has different requirements for reporting on measures of success. They needed a new software solution to replace several unwieldy spreadsheets with a database.


Restore wanted an outcomes monitoring system to track the activities undertaken with their clients. They wanted the software system to be as simple as possible. The users would be employees working from home who needed a web front end. They wanted the reporting to be very easy.

“We're very pleased with the system. It has saved days of staff time every month, and has paid for itself already.”
Benedict Leigh


Functionality includes:

  • Capturing client information
  • Recording their activities
  • Recording attendance at training and courses
  • Recording outcomes such as qualifications and work placement
  • A reminders system to ensure that regular activities are done and recorded.
  • Reports for funders
  • Ad-hoc queries for administration use.
  • Exception reports to improve data quality
  • Administration screens for the static data e.g. list of funders

technical notes

The web front end is written in ASP.NET. Office users also have an Access front end. The database is SQL Server.

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