Summer Schools & Summer Courses Directory

This directory website helps people find summer courses, e.g. a week of English and sports for children or a climbing course for adults.


We were asked to rewrite the website without losing its great position in the rankings. The problems with the old site were:

  • People could not find what they were looking for (evidence of this was in the enquiries people sent in).
  • It had an out-dated design that did not look good on modern high-resolution screens.
  • It was not easy to maintain.

the solution

technical notes

A number of modifications were made to IndexU to add the necessary features. These include:

  • Images uploaded are automatically resized if they are too large.
  • Emails sent through the site have a message added, explaining where the email was sent from, and copies are sent to the administrator to check for abuse.
  • 100% discount coupons can now be issued, to allow clients who have pre-paid to create their Silver/Gold listing.
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