Consultancy for the Oxford Group

The Oxford Group is an international consulting and training organisation, specialising in people development.They asked Alberon to help them on a consultancy basis with a project to implement major changes to their IT systems.

the problem

Before, they relied on a series of quite complex Excel spreadsheets which were used to record information about the work they did. They used Pegasus Opera for their invoicing and other financial requirements. They used the spreadsheets to generate a large number of reports.

There were a number of problems with this way of working:

  • The spreadsheets had become large and sometimes difficult to work with.
  • It was not possible for more than one person to update the spreadsheets at one time.
  • Generating the necessary reports was a very time consuming process.
  • Important Information was not readily available to key people.
  • Key information needed to be entered on both systems and reconciled.

the solution

The Oxford Group asked Alberon to look into possible solutions to these problems. Working closely with the Oxford Group’s finance director, we looked closely at a range of options including bespoke systems and using other accounts systems such as Sage and solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics. In the end we recommended that the Oxford Group should look more closely at a solution based around the existing Pegasus Opera system, using Crystal reports to provide additional reporting.

The Oxford Group have asked Alberon to guide them through the second phase of the project. This will involve:

  • Working with key groups of users to ensure their needs are met by the new system.
  • Building a data dictionary.
  • Agreeing with the software supplier how the add-on Opera CRM modules should be configured (Sales Pipeline management and Service and Helpdesk management modules).
  • Agreeing with the software supplier specifications for the items of bespoke work needed.
  • Writing detailed specifications for the required reports .
  • Provide guidance on the testing phase.
  • Helping manage the change over to the new system.
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