The Spoken English Company

The new Spoken English Company web site provides a way for non-native speakers of English to improve their communication in English. They do this by using the site to work on improving skills such as intonation, timing, pitch and sound production through physical exercises and vocal training activities.


The Spoken English Company (SEC) approached Alberon because of our experience in web site development and education (Tim Ault, Alberon’s MD used to be an English Language teacher). SEC’s ideas for the site were already well developed and initial designs had already been done.

what we did

Through a series of meetings we helped the SEC to clarify their ideas on how the site should work. We helped SEC to write a functional specification for the site and wrote a technical specification. We then built the site.


The site has a custom content management system which allows the SEC to update any of the site content. A custom system was needed due to the many different content types on the site.

One additional item was an online demo or “screencast”: People interested in using the site can watch a movie which shows a learner using the site, complete with a commentary explaining what’s happening.

technical notes

The site is built in PHP / MySQL using the Symfony framework.

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