Changes to Google Maps

As of 11th June 2018, Google will be charging anyone who includes a Google Map or the Application Program Interface (API) on their website.

After the 11th June, this previously free feature will now incur a charge based on the number of uses of the API or map and what type of map or API is used. If you just have a simple map on your website for example, you could have an unlimited number of people view the Map every month for free. However, websites that include more complex maps or APIs, such as those eCommerce sites that use the Google Maps API to calculate delivery costs, will include less free views and incur higher charges. In either case, under the new rules, you will need to provide credit card details and upgrade your API for it to work effectively from this date.

What will happen from 11th June?

From the 11th June, for those websites with a simple Google map embedded in them, the Map they currently have will be replaced by a poorer quality one. More complex APIs, where, for example, it is used to calculate delivery costs, will be replaced with an error message, which could have a negative impact on your customer experience and result in lost orders.

What are my choices?

If you have a Google Map or API on your website and you are keen to ensure it still works effectively from 11th June, then you have the following options available to you.

  1. Remove your current map and replace it with an alternative free map or link that takes you to Google Maps.
  2. Upgrade the Maps API to the latest version.  For this option you will be required to create a Google account (if you do not have one already) and to register for the API with your credit card. You will receive a new API key, which you can send to your web designer and they can do the upgrade for you.

If you opt for option 2, Google will charge you for the number of views of the map or uses of the API (after your free allocation has been used up). It may very well be the case that the free monthly allocation is more than enough for your website – in which case you will not incur a charge. But you must still set up a Google account, with a credit card regardless. We strongly recommend that you put a quota on the amount you want to spend each month. This will allow you to budget accordingly and avoid any unpleasant surprises each month.

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  1. 20th June 2018 Laurence said:

    I landed here from LinkedIn! I didn’t realise this was what was happening with Google Maps. Good to know. Thanks for posting Deborah.

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