SSL changes – How to stay secure

Security is one of the most important factors to consider when developing a website. Therefore, implementing encrypting protocol is crucial to help defend against any online attacks. As part of this, you should consider buying an SSL Certificate.

Also known as HTTPS, it protects your visitors by encrypting their data so other people cannot spy on them or steal their information. Google is pushing all websites toward gaining an SSL certificate to increase internet security as a whole.

Google reward businesses using HTTPS as it is included in their SEO ranking system. Of course, it makes your website more attractive to visitors as well.

So, what’s changing?

Well, that is an easy one. Google has been edging everyone toward a more secure system over the last few years, but this is their biggest statement yet. Most search engines will label any website without an SSL certificate with a large ‘Not Secure’ icon to warn page visitors. This will be found at the top of the page, on the left of the URL.

Of course, if your website has a HTTPS protocol you will be rewarded with a comforting lock and the word ‘Secure’.

What prompted the change?

Around 60% of internet users choose Google Chrome as their preferred browser. Google has recently released Chrome 69 which includes updates with user safety and security, they want to make sure users know which websites are safe to use and which ones are best steering clear of.

Other browsers are expected to follow suit, especially with government organisations supporting the changes.

Where’s the danger?

As of the 24th of July, around 20% of the worlds top websites do not have an SSL certificate. Search engine providers are not afraid to name and shame these individuals, which of course has led many of them to quickly gain the accreditation over-night.

None of the data being transferred between you and the unsafe website you may be visiting is encrypted and hackers could gain access to steal your information or attack using malware.

Some of the U.K.’s biggest sites incredibly don’t use the HTTPS protocol. We can help you obtain an SSL certificate, please get in touch if you would like to make your site safer.

Is this final?

Google has shown no intention of slowing down. The overall aim is to make a secure internet standard. Recent changes included:

  • The positive, reinforcing green lock has been removed.
  • A grey lock has been added to reinforce the point that this is the norm on the web from now on – it will be seen on more and more websites.
  • HTTP protocol has been discouraged further with the ‘Not Secure’ icon being made red and bold to give the biggest warning possible to website visitors.

There is no reason to suggest that future updates may make further changes to penalise those without an SSL certificate.

Keep your website safe

When developing either a new or existing website, consider an SSL certificate. It is easy to incorporate with Content Management Systems such as WordPress.

If there is anything we can help your website with, please get in touch. We have helped many clients in making sure their websites are safe and secure, including gaining SSL certificates.

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