The importance of updating your website

You may think that when you commission a new website, that once it’s launched – that’s it, job done for a few years.

Unfortunately this is not the case. Very much like a car, a website needs to be maintained and monitored to maximise its effectiveness and ensure that it continues to run and work as smoothly as possible.

Managing your website doesn’t have to be a full time job, but there are some things that you do need to make time for to keep it as shiny tomorrow as it is today.

1. keep your security updated

Website hosting servers are attacked all day every day by hackers. In order to ensure your website is protected, you need to ensure that you download the latest updates to your Content Management System as they contain security patches as well as bug fixes and new features. Websites that fail to do this are vulnerable to attacks.

To find out if there are any outstanding updates you need to install – check your CMS dashboard. This example shows the admin alerts in WordPress, indicating that there are 12 updates available. You will see similar alerts in whatever CMS you are using.

If you do not have the time to install the updates and maintain the security of your website, find a company that will provide website hosting and also manage the security updates as part of the package.

Hackers typically try to get into the admin of a website as, from there, they can do what they want. This could result in:

  • spam emails being sent from your server – which could result in your company being blacklisted
  • your website and database being taken down or deleted
  • data (sensitive or not) being stolen
  • your website or homepage being replaced with a different one
  • all your website visitors being redirected to a different site
  • bad SEO data  – affecting your rankings via search engines
  • the upload of a virus / malware / adware
  • spammy pages being added alongside the original content (will get your site blacklisted on Google)
  • hackers using your hosting to host illegal content

Alberon’s web hosting and security package includes the installation of the latest security and content management updates. This ensures your website remains fully protected and current, now and in the future.

2. monitor your SEO performance

If you rely on search engines for people to find your website, then it is imperative that you are constantly monitoring your ranking position and taking action to maintain or improve this. This relies on a good user experience and engaging, relevant content to ensure visitors return time and again.

3. keep an eye on your analytics

Monitoring your website is important to ensure that it is doing what you expect it too. Using analytics, such as Google, to monitor site traffic helps to determine this. You can then make changes accordingly to increase your sites visitors and effectiveness.

4. keep content fresh & up to date

You may have a great web design – but if you have broken links or ancient blog posts it can lead to a frustrating user experience and will not encourage new visitors to your website. Keep visitors up to date with the latest news, add fresh content regularly with relevant and useful information and fix broken links – it will help attract new visitors and leave them with a positive experience, so they will be more inclined to come back! It will also help from an SEO point of view, if you have a good stream of visitors to your site and you can get links from other websites.

5. respond to changes

To maintain a competitive edge, you need to be dynamic and quick to respond to changes outside of your control – this could mean making changes to your website. For example, the recent changes Google has made to their algorithm, means they now rank mobile friendly websites higher on mobile searches than those that are not.

If your website is not mobile friendly, but your competitors is, you could lose your position, to your competitors gain. Keeping up with changes like this, may require changes to your website to minimise this potential threat, but could also offer a real opportunity.

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Alberon has been designing and building bespoke websites for organisations in Oxford for over 12 years. Our team of web designers and developers are dedicated to helping our clients achieve the outcomes they want, while our web hosting and security package, ensures their website is protected, now and in the future.


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