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Hosting packages

We provide reliable, secure web hosting you can trust to keep your website up and running.

We know how damaging downtime, lost emails, web connections issues and disappearing data can be for your business. Even a small security blip in your hosting can be devastating for your organisation. Our servers continuously check and monitor your web application, alerting us of cyber-attacks, intruders and malicious behaviour. Whilst regular security updates help keep your website and data safe and secure.

We limit the number of websites we host per server to make sure that your website always delivers the best possible experience to your visitor.

The Alberon support team are regularly trained to keep up with technological developments to ensure you continue to receive the highest levels of service. Combined with our dedicated servers, robust security measures and backup practices, you can depend on us to support your business and help you to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Support packages

Our dedicated support team are experienced in supporting a range of bespoke applications, including software and website systems.

We can support and develop applications written in Laravel, WordPress, bespoke PHP or .NET – even systems written by others.

Our comprehensive support packages are completely bespoke; we will develop a package that is tailor-made to your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our team of expert developers are available to resolve any challenges. We will regularly monitor and review your systems, recommending improvements when required. Our support team will work to help protect your investment and ensure it continues to run as efficiently as possible.


No matter how powerful a software system or web application may be, it will only be as good as those who are using it. To realise the full potential of your investment, your staff need to know how to use it correctly.

As part of any solution we build, we can write training notes specific to your solution for those managing the website. We can add these into the ‘Help’ section of the admin panel to assist administrators with day-to-day tasks. We also provide informal training via our support packages if you need a quick refresher in certain areas of the system.

We offer formal professional training programmes to support any systems we have developed ourselves, or systems that we maintain. This will ensure that your staff use the applications to the best of their ability. This can be especially useful for new starters to make sure you continue to maximise the potential your solution offers.


As part of a website development project, it is likely that we will include 3rd party technology to provide some specific functionality in your application. This could be in the form of a WordPress plugin, for example. Although many are free, each premium 3rd party technology we add to your application will require a licence.

During the build process we manage every aspect of this. We will purchase the licence and ensure our clients licence keys are correctly installed and securely stored.

Many of the licences are purchased and need to be renewed annually. Any plugins or additional technology required as part of a develop project will be managed by us and we will manage the renewal process for you.

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Software & web applications

We have extensive experience in building bespoke software solutions for organisations in every sector.

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Every development project we do includes a whole host of services to ensure the best software or web solution possible.

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