Oxfordshire Health

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust provides physical and mental health and social care services to patients in Oxfordshire. Since 2011 Alberon has been involved in a number of software projects for Oxfordshire Health.


One project we have been involved in recently has been to re-develop the Nursing Mentors database. Students who are training to be nurses are helped by a qualified nurse who acts as a mentor. The mentors themselves have to have certain qualifications and these qualifications have to be kept up to date. The trust has an obligation to keep records of the mentors and their qualifications. A further requirement was for the system to keep track of review dates and remind mentors when they were due for a review.

A number of reports were also needed.

The application needed to be web based and to interface with the Trust’s existing IT systems and staff database.

the solution

other projects

Alberon is closely involved in helping with the IT systems within the Learning and Development department based at Littlemore, Oxford. We’ve developed new features and provided support as needed. We’re also currently working on a system which will be used to administer and monitor the Trust preceptorship program.

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