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Web Design

Our highly skilled web designers will make sure your website is on-brand, appeals to your target audience and is structured to deliver an enhanced user experience.

  • We will create a sitemap and interactive wireframes of your website to establish site navigation and user journeys, and agree on the general page layouts.
  • We will create designs for your key web pages and present them via an easy to use online tool that makes it easy for you to share and interact with.
  • We will design and build all elements to meet the requirements of both the desktop and mobile versions of your website. No matter what device is used to access your site, it will be optimised to deliver the best possible user experience.
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Web Development

Specialists in complex web development, your website will be developed to the highest possible coding standards by our in-house team. They will set up and develop your new website, configuring it to the bespoke needs of your organisation.

  • Your website will be built to be mobile-friendly as standard
  • We will build you a bespoke, easy to use admin panel with built-in tools, fonts, page layouts and more to make managing and updating your new website easy.
  • We will build three versions of your website – the live site, plus a development site and staging site for testing purposes.
  • We can seamlessly integrate 3rd party systems and CRM databases, making sure your website delivers an outstanding customer experience.
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Content Management Systems

We can build a tailor-made WordPress CMS to make managing and maintaining your website as easy as possible.

  • We use the existing WordPress admin structure as a base, but to keep your site lean, we only keep the functionality you need.
  • We build in the bespoke features to meet your organisation’s specific requirements.
  • We adapt the CMS’s admin panel to include your bespoke design elements to make adding new pages, sections and content simple. Logos, colour palettes, layouts, fonts for headings and text, as well as menu layouts and forms, will all be considered, designed and built into the WordPress admin for you to add via a user-friendly admin panel.
  • We aim to make managing and maintaining your website as easy as possible – this is especially important when you are adding complex functionality and integrating with other systems.
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eCommerce Websites

We build secure eCommerce websites to allow users to browse, order and make payments online. We seamlessly integrate 3rd party payment gateway software such as Stripe, SagePay, WorldPay, ePDQ, or PayPal.

Effective eCommerce websites combine robust and secure functionality with a smooth and intuitive user experience. This is a highly specialist area, and one in which we have considerable expertise.

Whether you are a small-scale business, a niche store, a global retail operation, or an organisation that simply needs to be able to accept payments on your website, we can create a bespoke eCommerce website that will match your needs perfectly.

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Intranet Development

We have the expertise to help you get the best out of your intranet. From strategic planning through to implementation, we will work closely with you to deliver the solution your organisation needs.

We can customise an existing system – such as Microsoft SharePoint – with new branding, additional functionality or bug fixes; or we can create a brand new bespoke intranet. Whatever your requirements, we will develop a system that integrates smoothly into your organisation.

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Case studies

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Web development & system integration

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Science & technology Science & technology

Bespoke website development & design

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Education Education

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Web hosting

We know how damaging downtime can be for any organisation. We provide reliable, secure web hosting to keep your systems running to their full potential.

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