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Bespoke web design & development using WordPress

WordPress is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS); over 30% of all websites use it. It’s well supported and flexible, making it a good long-term solution for web development that can evolve with your business needs. As our preferred CMS, Alberon’s in-house development team is highly skilled in using WordPress. We have vast experience working with it to create bespoke websites for organisations across a range of sectors.

Out of the box, WordPress provides lots of functionality, and although this can be useful, it is not always required. The websites we build are bespoke and we only include what is needed. We take the basics of the system and we add the additional features you need by configuring existing plugins or developing our own. This allows us to build a bespoke website to your exact needs – there is no wasteful code slowing down the site – it is built to be lean and efficient.

WordPress tailored to your needs

Being experts in bespoke coding and development allows us to tailor WordPress to your specific needs – from adding specific features to adapting the aesthetics to match your brand’s look and feel.

We will build page layouts, develop bespoke functionality and create designs specific for your organisation and it’s users. We focus on creating tailored user journeys which can be built upon as your business grows and goals change.

WordPress planning and development meeting
Design and colour palette options

Bespoke web design

Out of the box, WordPress comes with many standard template designs to choose from, which work for many businesses. But for some, they may be looking for something a bit more bespoke. Rather than using the standard WordPress templates, our design team will not only create a unique design in line with your brand but also provide the tools you need to add engaging web content.

We will create ready-to-use page templates and blocks, configured to the style of your organisation’s brand so you can create web pages that are consistent across the website. Logos, colour palettes, layouts, fonts for headings and text, as well as menu layouts and forms, will all be considered, designed and built into the WordPress admin for you to add via a user-friendly admin panel. All of these bespoke design elements are built-into the admin panel so you can easily manage a website that is fully branded, engaging and easy to navigate.

All the design elements are built to meet the requirements of both the desktop and mobile versions of your website. No matter what device it is being accessed on, your website will be optimised to deliver the best possible user experience.

Tailored & user-friendly admin

We don’t include every piece of functionality standard WordPress templates offer, as they are designed to meet the needs of many businesses. Alberon uses the existing WordPress admin structure as a base and only keep the functionality you need. Using your brief, we then build in the bespoke features to meet your specific requirements.

WordPress menu item

These include developing new functionality and adapting the admin panel to include your bespoke design elements to make adding sections and new content simple. We include user guides, build in permission systems (enabling staff members to manage only their areas of the website) and publishing workflows, which allow draft pages to be saved, reviewed and approved before being published.

The aim is to make managing and maintaining your website as easy as possible. This is especially important when you are adding in more complex functionality and integrating with other systems – so the whole solution is easy to manage and maintain.

System Integration

For many companies, their website is just one piece of a larger process. We can integrate your WordPress website with any 3rd party systems, such as payment gateways for eCommerce, databases and email platforms, to streamline your processes. We will work with you to plan, design and develop a website that achieves your goals.

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If you need a new bespoke website designed or support developing an existing site, we can help. Get in touch and find out how we can help your business.

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Modern security

WordPress has a large community of users and a team dedicated to keeping WordPress as secure as possible. This means potential issues are identified and raised quickly. In the case of a security breach, the WordPress Security Team takes swift action, issuing security updates to fix vulnerabilities, keeping your site secure. The vast community and users of WordPress, including many multinational companies, ensures it’s longevity and continued development in the future.

Alberon’s hosting packages for WordPress sites are designed to keep your website secure and protected. We monitor your server to detect and fix minor issues before they develop into anything more serious. Regular security updates help keep your website and data safe and secure.

Being a popular CMS it is also familiar to many developers. This means it is a stable CMS, that is always being updated, with better tools and security measures being released.

Built for SEO

Building your website so it is optimised for search engines to find is a key consideration. To do this, we included many inbuilt tools within WordPress, including Yoast to your business. Yoast offers a checklist of where to improve your pages, as well as easy editing of page names, URLs and other factors users read to understand your website’s content.

We will configure these to make your website as effective as possible at ranking highly with search engines like Google. Yoast also allows us to connect your site and configure analytics programs such as Google Analytics.

Standard in every project

Every development project we do includes a whole host of services to ensure the best software or web solution possible.

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