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Alberon contingency plans for Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times, we are doing what we can to protect our staff, their families, and our customers. We are also mindful of our social responsibilities, in particular to the more vulnerable members of society.


How we are operating

The majority of Alberon staff are now working from home, and have the necessary systems in place to support this. They are fully briefed in our security processes and are following the required guidelines to ensure that their home computers are set up securely and that they continue to follow best security practices. All internal and external meetings are now being conducted using video-conferencing software.

So far as is possible, we are operating a normal service.


Can your organisation operate from home?

Supporting our clients and other UK businesses, like yours, is important to us during these uncertain times, particularly if you are no longer able to operate as normal.

Our team has the skills to consult, advise, set-up or develop any systems that you need to help you work from home. This includes:

  • Helping you access your work files from home
  • Attending your usual meetings from home
  • Enabling staff to use software from home
  • Ensuring data is kept secure
  • Altering your existing software systems as needed
  • Using Microsoft SharePoint and Teams for remote collaboration
  • Developing eCommerce platforms to allow your business to sell online.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help, please contact a member of the team.



March 2020

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