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Five Reasons Universities Should be Using SharePoint


SharePoint was developed by Microsoft as a platform for online document management and collaboration. It facilitates efficient interaction among teams, information sharing, and file management from a single spot. The automated workflows, features and functionalities of SharePoint could really benefit universities, and act as a hub for cohesive interaction. Here are five reasons universities should consider using SharePoint:

Facilitates more efficient collaboration between staff and students

SharePoint can enhance the student and staff experience, serving as a platform enabling the university to share information, collaborate on tasks and organise documents.

This is useful for group work, providing a central point to gather and share a wide range of content and information. Content management features make it easier to deliver feedback and access course resources.

A major benefit of SharePoint is that it can be used on any device, significantly increasing accessibility for students who might not have access to a computer or laptop all the time, further facilitating the growing trend of remote learning.

Fully integrated with other Microsoft services

SharePoint works seamlessly alongside other Microsoft applications and is available in the Microsoft 365 package, using existing user and group information.

Since SharePoint integrates with other Microsoft tools such as Teams and Microsoft Office Suite, it provides a comprehensive productivity base streamlining the experience to fit smoothly with the user’s current routine. 

SharePoint can also be used in collaboration with Teams, with separate SharePoint sites providing workflows for each team. When new teams are added, they can be connected with the SharePoint site associated with that team, and benefit from various channels, including standard, private and shared channels. This provides a single space in which all work can be conducted from.

Customisable to your needs

SharePoint can be tailored to meet specific requirements of the university, making it a flexible solution to their needs. Bespoke applications can be created and added to the software if specific functions are required, integrating them without requiring separate applications. These solutions can access existing accounts, groups and data, making them efficient, simple and flexible to the needs of different departments.

Furthermore, SharePoint development is accessible and doesn’t require individuals to know how to code. This makes site updates and enhancements possible without requiring specialist help with extensive understanding. These features allow the site to stay modern and updated, and importantly, reduce the cost of hiring a web development team every time changes need to be made.

Effective and organised document management

SharePoint makes document storage and sharing easier, storing previous versions when changes are made. Edits can be easily monitored, enhancing collaboration whilst maintaining simplicity. Users can access these documents anywhere, improving accessibility and productivity. Centralised file management significantly reduces risks associated with emailing sensitive documents, and is more time efficient.

Advanced security features

Strict security regulations and guidelines are essential for all organisations, including universities. It is vital to consider how confidential information is stored and accessed. SharePoint’s robust security features, including cloud backup and data encryption, ensure all documents and communications are secure. Controls and permissions limiting access to sensitive information can be established, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Even when collaborating with others outside the organisation, security settings ensure that data is kept safe, reducing the risk of unauthorised access and data breaches.

So to conclude…

It is crucial for Universities to have a central platform with the ability to store and share files, access information, and communicate with peers and teachers. Having a simple, secure site that meets the needs of staff, students and faculty members creates a far more engaging environment for work. SharePoint can facilitate this collaboration, which is essential in maximising productivity and improving the University experience.

For more details, visit our Oxford SharePoint site.

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