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Database development for streamlined data management

Viamonde provides fully supervised ski and snowboard programmes for school groups. They needed an end-to-end database that was easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

We are delighted with the system that Alberon has developed for us. Our requirements proved to be quite complex, but the team at Alberon have been very flexible and the resulting system invaluable. quote Robert Perris - Director Viamonde

The database can be easily accessed from anywhere at anytime.


Centralised data means issues can be quickly identified and resolved.


Reporting is now at a click of a button, enabling reliable data to be presented to staff and stakeholders quickly, to help improve the customer experience.

Customer challenges

Due to the issues around accessibility, staff were using different methods to record data – some online, some paper-based. This resulted in the data being recorded inconsistently and meant reporting and planning was difficult.

Not having accurate data readily available meant that the processes were inefficient and premium customer service was tough.

Using several systems, some off-line was difficult to manage.

As often staff members had limited access when skiing with young groups, they couldn’t access the information needed, this could include dietary requirements and medical data of any particular child.

The brief

Viamonde wanted a new system that would consolidate their data and make it easier to manage. The database needed to display, filter and sort key information enabling employees to see requirements for each client, easily. This information needed to be specific for each child e.g. food allergies.

They were keen that the solution managed the process from beginning to end. They required an end-to-end system where they could create a trip from the moment a school gets in contact and then use the database to continue adding information before, during and after the trip. Robert wanted to give their customers access to parts of the system so that they could review and submit information relating to their trip in a more efficient manner, rather than the current system of emailing Excel files.

The solution

Database development

We developed a bespoke online software application which makes it easy for staff to access from anywhere. They can view and manage their data, saving them time and providing customers with a more superior customer service.

The new system allows Viamonde to allocate accommodation and staff to trips, checking for duplication. This not only saves time but identifies any issues so they can be quickly resolved. The information is clearly displayed in a generic calendar view making it easy to identify availability for new bookings.

The solution

Web-based interface

It has a simple interface which allows staff to input, access and report on the data easily. It is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, which is particularly important during the operational seasons, as they travel a lot and are not based at the main office all the time. The team can access and edit data at any time – even months after the trip has finished.

Viamonde can now plan their programmes, transport and even the meals for each trip and generate PDF reports for both customers and staff at the click of a button. Output options enable staff to tailor the reports to their departments and needs. This ensures the system is efficient for each individual member of staff.

The benefits

The new software allows Viamonde to provide an enhanced customer experience. By centralising the data into one system, they can now access and manage it more easily, and they have a more efficient way of managing their clients’ stays and requests.

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