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Laravel is a popular PHP framework that developers use when building web applications or complex websites. It is our preferred choice at Alberon. Our development team have considerable expertise in working with Laravel, which provides some key advantages to our clients.


Bespoke development

Laravel is a flexible framework within which we can build a wide variety of applications. We can also integrate it with several other technologies.

A major benefit of Laravel is that it provides a simple framework that we can customise to develop very bespoke websites and software applications. Having this framework speeds up the development process, allowing us to deliver completely bespoke applications more quickly and cost-effectively.

Secure framework

Laravel provides many security features that are well documented and tested extensively. We also hold regular training sessions for all our developers and conduct regular code reviews to ensure features are used correctly. Together, this results in higher quality and more secure code, protecting your data and integrity.

Well supported

Laravel is well established, surrounded by a large community that provide help and information. This guarantees its support for many years to come.

Many of our development team are skilled in using Laravel and can therefore work together on a project, as well as review each other’s work for quality assurance.

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