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We establish and present the architecture of your new website using the latest interactive tools. We want to gain feedback on the look, feel and user experiences. The project team will confirm the typeface, logos, layout and functionality, which we will outline in a build plan.

User experience. We will create a sitemap and interactive wireframe of your website to establish site navigation and user journeys and agree on the general page layouts.

  • Sitemaps. Sitemaps outline and present the architecture of a system. They display menus and drop-down lists and where pages lead. Having this clear view of the website and its pages allows us to determine the best user journeys. Users need to complete tasks and find information within as few clicks as possible. A sitemap plans this before development starts. Establishing these user journeys will make your application as user friendly as possible. 
  • Wireframes. A wireframe is a simple prototype that our design team will create to map out your key web pages and link them together. A wireframe provides a visual, interactive overview of your system’s pages and how they will work. You can click on menus and navigate key pages, seeing how your final system could work. The wireframes can be shared with stakeholders who can add feedback directly onto the page. You can also see whether the styles, such as typography, menus and data fields meet your requirements.

Design. As part of the statement of work, we will create a detailed brief from the information collated during the discovery phase. The brief will inform the design of your system. Using the brief, we will build on the wireframe and create layouts for your key web pages, which we will present to you using the latest technology. You will be able to share and interact with the designs and give feedback directly onto the page.

Specification. We will now have a complete detailed spec of the project ready to move onto the development stage. We will update the statement of work so you will have the information and timings surrounding the delivery of the project. Your dedicated project manager will be on hand to answer any questions.

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