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Web hosting & support for Oxfordshire arts centre

The North Wall is an Oxford-based arts centre created to showcase the work of emerging artists and performers. They required a reliable hosting company to take over their web hosting and manage their updates.

"Since moving to Alberon's Web Hosting, we have seen an improvement in the speed and performance of our website. The updates to the site keep it secure, and any queries we have are dealt with quickly and efficiently". quote Amy Walters - Programme & Marketing Manager The North Wall

Reliable hosting they can trust to keep their website up & running


Regular updates to keep the site secure


Optimised site speed & performance due to close monitoring & limited websites per server

Customer challenges

Reliability issues: The North Wall’s website was built using the popular content management system, WordPress. Hosted by a company that catered for the masses, the hosting was unreliable, with the site experiencing issues, such as payments not processing and even going down on several occasions.

Inefficient response times: The North Wall team also found that their provider was slow to respond and resolve issues, which led to further frustration. These issues resulted in them losing business, as the site is their primary source of ticket sales.

The solution

Website review

Before taking over the website, the Alberon team performed a system review, inspecting the backend code and getting a general overview of the site. They also made sure the website was secure before moving it to our servers. Following a thorough review, we found the website was well-built and up-to-date so we could safely migrate it to our servers.

The website review identified how long the migration would take and the amount of work required. This was discussed with the North Wall team to ensure they were happy with the timings before any work began.


Our UK-based hosting servers come with a range of benefits. We focus on quality over quantity and pride ourselves on the security and performance of the websites we host – limiting the number of websites we host per server. The North Wall site immediately benefitted from their new hosting provision – with improved reliability and performance.

Managed updates

“Since moving to Alberon’s managed web hosting, we have seen an improvement in the speed and performance of our website,” says Amy Walters, the North Wall’s Programme & Marketing Manager. “The updates to the site keep it secure, and any queries we have are dealt with quickly and efficiently by the Alberon Support Team. Working with our Account Manager and the Support Team has allowed us to build a good relationship between our teams. They understand our systems and what we are trying to achieve as a business.”

We have also been able to help the North Wall implement further changes, such as adapting layouts for new pages. The support team was able to help them structure new pages whilst staying true to their brand and existing user journeys.

Web security

When the North Wall moved their hosting to us, we built two additional versions of their live website. A development site where our team can work in a secure, non-live environment – adding security updates or new functionality. And a staging site used to test new updates and functionality before being made live. The North Wall team can view updates on the staging site to check everything is in order before going live.

We make sure technologies are regularly updated, so the site benefits from the latest security practices and new features. That is coupled with our rigid processes to detect and protect against any malicious activity, keeping the website as secure as possible.


By hosting their website with Alberon, the North Wall benefits from our rigid security practices, optimised download speeds and enhanced performance.

Our dedicated support team means we promptly respond to the North Wall’s queries and keep them in the loop every step of the way. Since working with the North Wall, we have built a strong relationship, gaining a good understanding of their website and the organisation. This strong foundation allows us to maintain and support the site in the future, with potential for further web design and development work.

Tim Ault

Business Development Director
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