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Database development & software support for Oxfordshire charity

Dogs for Good is an Oxfordshire-based charity that aims to bring trained dogs and people together to help them overcome specific challenges. They manage their records using a Microsoft Access database and they wanted to expand it and improve efficiency.

"Alberon are fantastic. They offer a very professional service and take the jargon out of IT. They really listen to what you want and ensure that they understand your needs before moving forward. In short, they are a real asset to our charity." quote Paul Davies - Training Department Support Team Leader Dogs for Good

The database development has improved efficiency and made the system more user friendly.


Improved usability means more staff are using the system and the data is accurate.


Increased confidence in the system and the data they are producing allows them to generate meaningful results they can trust.

Customer challenges

Dogs for Good had a database system that was no longer supported or used properly. Data was being entered incorrectly or inconsistently and users had lost confidence in the system.

Usability issues meant staff found their own ways of working around the limitations in functionality, thereby reducing the number and quality of reports that could be produced.

The brief

Dogs for Good wanted to expand their existing database and make the whole process of managing and updating the it more efficient.

They wanted a system that was easy to use so more staff would use it and they could start recording accurate data and creating meaningful reports that they could trust.

The solution

Database development

Our Oxford-based development team added a report to the database, which allows them to produce their monthly client services report at the click of a button. Extra fields have also been added to the database screens to capture more information, such as when a dog is due to retire. This means that now, not only is it far quicker and easier to extract the data, but with more information available, it means they can use it to help with future planning.


We provided training to ensure system users are aware of the new features – such as running queries and creating their own reports. Showing them what the system can now do, and how much easier it is to use, means that the team is using it in a consistent manner, recording data in one centralised place. This has resulted in better quality data and meaningful reports that can be trusted.

Full database review and support

We audited the database, tidying up some of the reports, fixing ‘bugs’ and generally providing ongoing support. This means the Dogs for Good team can call on us if they encounter any issues with the database on a day-to-day basis. Having this support, means any issues can be quickly flagged and the Alberon support team can  resolve them as quickly as possible.

The benefits

With the system enhancements making the database more efficient and user friendly, the Dogs for Good team are now confident that the system is being used properly by all its users and they can trust the data and produce meaningful results. “Since taking on the database, Alberon has improved and enhanced it” says Paul Davies, the Training Department Support Team Leader at Dogs for Good. “They have also provided training so my team are more self-sufficient when using it. With more staff using the system, we now have a much better view of the data across the organisation and the good work the charity is doing in Oxfordshire and beyond”.

Tim Ault

Business Development Director

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