Oxford Sailing Club

Oxford Sailing Club needed a full re-write of their membership system.


The database structure for the old membership system no longer reflected current practice. The whole system needed to be redesigned so that it met current business needs. The old data had to be migrated to the new database. Flexibility in reporting was important, e.g. the ability to email family members who had a particular type of boat.


The application allows an administrator to process membership renewals and keep track of the usage of lockers, windsurfing vests and boats in the dinghy park. The system is totally menu-driven. There are screens to manipulate the meta-data which allows the club to add more lockers, say, as needed.

technical notes

The whole application was written in Microsoft Access. There was no need for multi-user capability. The ability to export data to a spreadsheet or for an emailshot was particularly useful.

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